Elizabeth Brinkley
Professional Actress
Dante Kennels is a small hobby kennel. I raise and show Shetland
Sheepdogs. Here at Dante we believe it is very important to breed to
the standard for the Shetland Sheepdog. I have been involved with
showing dogs for almost 50 years - starting out as a 4-H kid and I
acquired my first sheltie in 1974.  I recently took several years off to
complete my Master of Fine Arts degree in Theatre - Acting from
Virginia Commonwealth University.
You can check out my acting career at this link:  
Elizabeth Brinkley -
actress. I am now working as a free lance actress and taking my
spare time to re-establish my breeding program in Shelties. I have
recently completed all degree work for a Paralegal degree to assist
me in my role as a Legislative Liaison.

I will study the BITCH as well as the sire.

I will study the GRANDPARENTS rather than the parents.

I will not pay attention to breeding superstitions.

I will interpret a pedigree by breeding FACTS AND DOMINANCE rather
than by names and TITLES

I will keep full breeding records and draw conclusions accordingly.

I will put away culls, weaklings and the deformed shortly after birth.

I will judge a stud to his OFFSPRING even to the third generation.

I will honor most the BRED BY EXHIBITOR dog.

I will give preference to breeding specimens of good temperament and
strong nerves.

I will have patience to TRY AGAIN and again and not be discouraged by
litters which are disappointing.

I will be led on constantly by the seductive dream of one day producing

And if another breeder forges ahead of me, I shall envy them, but also


Recommended tests for any sheltie being considered as a breeding prospect:

Test for hip dysplasia - a crippling, degenerative, hereditary disorder resulting in
disintegration of the hip joint in dogs.  By age two, all adult dogs need to have hips x-
rayed for hip dysplasia. Most people use OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) which
has a web site at www.offa.org. Some people do prelim x-rays at 6 months. Most vets can
do these.  Approximate cost: (depending on location) $250 to $500 for x-rays, office visit
and registration with OFA.

Test for vonWillebrand’s Disease - a hereditary bleeding disorder found in many dogs
whether purebred or mixed. Von Willebrand’s Disease or vWD is a DNA test. If you are
breeding dogs genetically clear of vWD, then you don't have to do the puppies. This can
be done at any time in a dog's life. contact Vetgen at 1 800 4vetgen for info. They have a
web site. Approximate cost: $125

Thyroid problems, either hyper or hypo thyroid, hereditary, resulting in inability to breed
and  sometimes failure to thrive. To do a test have it sent by your veterinarian to
Michigan State, to get a baseline and to see the TGAA reading. A full panel for T3 and T4
should be done. A number over 200 "may" indicate possible thyroid problem down the
road. Tests under 200 "may" indicate no problems to be expected. Your vet should be
able to draw the blood and send it to MSU.  If you want the results published on the OFA
web site, you need to download a special form first. Approximate cost: $100 to $200

Sheltie eye problems - PRA or progressive retinal atrophy, collie eye syndrome, and
sheltie eye syndrome, can result in blindness. Eye exams must be done by a board
certified veterinary ophthalmologist. The results if sent in to CERF (Canine Eye Registry
Foundation) will appear on OFA web site and on AKC papers for one year. Early tests are
for collie eye or CEA. Later tests are for various forms of  PRA or progressive retinal
atrophy and sheltie eye syndrome. Approximate cost: to prelim puppies - $45 to $75 per
puppy, full exam for adults can cost about $250.
We have done so much with so little for so long,
we think we could do anything with nothing at all
in no time flat.
Home of AKC and UKC Champion and Best in Show winning Shetland Sheepdogs
Dante Kennels
Proud member of the
American Shetland Sheepdog Association
"I don't adopt my pups, I sell them. They are not rescued. They are
planned. They were specifically bred to ensure the best chance for
good health, good looks, type, and temperament. All my pups are
raised in the house and played with by the whole family until they
leave here for a home believed to be exceptional. The adults are
shown, loved and allowed to breed in specific ways after extensive
research & health testing. I have many references from satisfied
owners. If you love your dog, thank a breeder."
Our Belgian Tervuren
Please Read Carefully - due to the new USDA/APHIS regulations, we sell dogs only
face to face. All buyers must be willing to provide identification and sign an affidavit
that they are NOT working undercover for HSUS, PeTA or any other animal rights
extremist group and that their sole purpose in coming to our property is to buy a
puppy. Also that they will NOT give information about our property to any humane
society or animal rights organization under penalty of prosecution.
Proud Breeder/Owner/Handler of AKC/UKC Ch. Dante's Rocket Man,
Select Dog, Westminster Kennel Club 2014