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Animal Rights
Dates                        Organization                                             Offices Held

1967-71     4-H Dog Club of Bellevue, NE                                  Member         
1975-78     West Houston Obedience Dog Club                       Asst. Instructor
1976-79     SSC of Houston                                                         Member           
1978-96     Am. Shetland Sheepdog Assoc.  (ASSA)               Member
1978-83     Gem City Dog Obedience Club                               Instructor
1978-83     Dayton Dog Obedience Club                                   Instructor, Board, Sec.
1979-95     Amer. Dog Owners Assoc.                                      Member
1978-83     Miami Valley SSC                                                     Sec. ,V. Pres, Board
1980-83     Dayton Kennel Club                                                 Member
1983-95     Owner Handlers Association                                  Member
1984-90     Tyler Obedience Training Club                           Treas., Asst. Training Director
1986-95     Nat. Assoc. Of Dog Obed. Instructors                   certified in novice
1984-90     Tyler Kennel Club                                                    Member
1987-90     East Tx SSC (disbanded 1991)                               Pres.;Founding Member
1990-92     SSC of Greater Spokane                                        Member
1993-98     East Central Miss. KC(founding member)      Pres., V-Pres., Training Director
2001- 05    Central VA SSC                                                      Chief Ring Steward
2005 -        American Dog Owners Assoc.                             Member
2005 -        Owner Handlers Association                                Member
2006 - 2012       Three Rivers SSC                                                   Legislative Liaison
2006 -         National Animal Interest Alliance                        Member/Reseacher
2006 - 11    Westmoreland County OTC                                 Member
2008 -         Am. Shetland Sheepdog Association                 Member
2012 -         Central Virginia Shetland Sheepdog Club          VaFed Delegate
2012 -         Charlottesville-Albemarle Kennel Club               Member
Do Your Homework Before Giving to Charity
[Wednesday, November 17, 2004]
Most of you who own dogs treat your dogs like family and care
deeply for the well being of all dogs. You want to give
generously to charities that benefit dogs, but the AKC advises
you to choose organizations that best serve your desired ends.
There is a difference between animal welfare organizations and
animal rights organizations. Animal welfare involves providing a
dog with love and proper responsible care for its entire life.
Animal rights include extreme views that disapprove of and seek
to eliminate companion animal ownership. The AKC supports and
encourages the best premises of animal welfare. Before making
charitable donations to animal-related causes, the AKC urges you
to thoroughly investigate, understand, and approve of the
programs or ideals your donation will support. Ask for a written
summary of the organization’s goals or mission. Request and
review a recent annual report. Will your funds go directly to help
animals or will they be used for administrative costs? Don’t be
afraid to ask detailed questions about how your donation will be
used, or to discontinue donations if you are not fully satisfied
with the charity’s work. You may consider donating to
worthwhile causes such as the parent club rescue organization
of the breed of your choice, an AKC-recognized federation, a
local animal shelter you’ve worked with, the AKC Canine Health
Foundation, AKC CAR Canine Support and Relief Fund, AKC
Museum of the Dog, Take the Lead, The Dog Fanciers’ Fund, Inc.,
or the National Animal Interest Alliance, to name a few.

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